Friday, May 11, 2012

Cindy, Dian and Me......Just back from Mankato ...... attended the annual meeting of those of us in the 'old' Region 9 of the now defunct and bankrupt ABKA. VERY excited to learn about a new organization that we have joined and am eager to be able to contribute on a new level w/ them as we help them grow. Our conference was at a place called The Paw...... beautiful facility..... Many thanks to Tom and his staff for their hospitality!!

Next year's meeting will be here in Lincoln. We are excited to be holding the event and already have lots of good ideas. As always, the group here, back at the ranch..... did phenomenally well and all was good when we got back........... gearing up for Mother's Day w/e here, greeting the new summer help, and welcoming back Joe and Tyler!! woo--Hoooo!!

also, ............took a side trip to a little town called Ulm (in Minnesota) lovely little place w/ lots of nice shoppes, brewry tours, much history, and a real live glockenspeil!! whoa!!--- it was interesting but I'm real glad *I* don't live right next door!! sooooo much noise!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

yucky yesterday

Good morning…………. Wild day yesterday as I tried to fight off
a 103* temperature. Feeling much
better already today thanks to the wonderful caring folks at Urgent Care on 72th
and Pioneers. If you’ve not had the
chance to use their services (and hopefully you WON’T)…………… but if you DO……..
they are a great place to go for any of your unexpected medical needs.
Although I am at the KENL INN nearly all day every day……… it
always does me good to realize that I can actually get sick and not have to
worry about anything. I just politely
bowed out yesterday and didn’t worry about another thing. Thank you to all of the staff for carrying

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

back from the dead??

hmmmmm...............something I wish I would keep up on but just don't. :-( just don't know how 'committed' I can be!! Its fun to revisit what I had done before........... lots has happened that i wish i would have shared w/ folks......... maybe I can get back into it again...... and maybe others can help me!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


NO, this is not a new flea or flu bug, electrical device or chew toy for your pet........ this is the delightfully creative 'invention' of Nancy, (an old friend of mine from hospital days). (my first life) She has made microbiology a-MAZingly fun and understandable and there is NOTHING this lady does not know about. She and her family have created a fun way to fight infection for all ages. I wish I had had a resource like this when I was trying to get through that course at UNMC long ago!! Even though Nancy is a nurse.........the educators of the world could take a lot of lessons from this gal!! :) Someday when you are just looking for a "cause" go to and enjoy the ride!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Along the same grooming line.............. what an experience four of us had in Hershey, Pennsylvania a few weeks back. You have never seen chocolate until you visit the chocolate capital of the world in Hershey............. EVERYWHERE we turned there was chocolate. Hershey is where the mother of all trade shows is at and we managed to get there this year for the first time. Its kinda one of those things where its always on your list to do...........but its always just that step away from what you think you can. Well, now its on our list of "can't ever NOT do it agains"!! From what I hear attendance was down some this year (4,500) but most vendors(and I'll have to admit, most of my industry friends, sell HIGH dollar items) relate that people were BUYING. They were all encouraged by the trend. It was because of one of my aquaintances was willing to let some of us do some work for them that we actually got up the momentum to get us there. I am grateful for that. I'm not a great traveler..... and planes are not really my preferred mode of travel but I found it particularly interesting that one of the international airports that we traveled through, once we got back that way, was about...........oh, maybe 3 times larger than Lincoln's airport?? By the was perfect connections, timing, and flights leaving out of our own Lincoln airport to get to where we were going. All in was a great trip.......... learned lots, good entertainment, good food, good friends, and no, we didn't buy much! :)

Groom Salon

So much has gone on here I'm just not even sure where to start. As you know, Maria and Paula from our grooming salon have been out hot on the trail working to become certified. They return from Iowa yesterday, having both successfully completed the last two of five exams needed to become fully certified in both the Terriers as well as the Non-Sporting breeds! We are all very proud of their continued pursuit in this endeavor and remain grateful to those who have so graciously allowed them to travel w/ their pets to their respective testing sites. There is more on their plate for the next year.....stay tuned!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Woo-HOO Roy Boy!!

Big news from Dian in Cape Cod. She is on her way home from a trip well spent. Roy returns w/ 12 of the 15 points he needs for his Championship so YEA!!! Carol is back..... I can tell she's reading e-mails. Four of us are on our way to Hershey soon so I may be absent again for awhile but I'll try to get right on it. I look forward to seeing many good long distance friends and meeting new..... just hoping my feet and this stupid achilles tendon of mine hold out!! Cindy may end up 'pushing' me around!! I'm NOT looking forward to the plane ride and I don't do well w/out my daily fix of "husband" but I'll put on my "big girl panties" and get over it!! It will be good to go but good to get back! No wonder I'M the one w/ the pet care facility so that YOU can all travel all over.......... cuz I'm just not the best at it!!